Apoyando ( pronunciation: [ apoʝando ], Spanish " propped up ", " leaning ") is a plucking of the guitar. It is unlike any of the plucking Tirando.

Technology and sound

When Apoyando - plucking the strings played " pushed through " so that the fingers plucking at the next lower string is resting. The plucking fingers is almost straightened completely in contrast to the usual technique. The sounds thus produced are louder and sound fuller and softer than produced with the normal plucking Tirando tones.


Apoyando is played particularly in Latin American and flamenco pieces to highlight individual melody notes or to impart runs a smoother sound. When Flamenco plays especially the thumb Apoyando because he plays melody or prominent bass lines. The Apoyando technology can help the alternate picking in runs ( eg scales or solos ) to speed: The By stretching the fingers leads to a " drumming ", " beating " movement, in contrast to the " claw-shaped " "pulling, " movement of the Tirando after some practice can already be carried out very quickly.

In the example of the play "Spanish Romance ", the melody is played throughout Apoyando and the remaining tones in Tirando struck unstressed.

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