Appen is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein. It has evolved from a farming village into a residential community. Nevertheless, agriculture is still of great importance to the place.

An important factor for the community Appen also represents the airfield Uetersen and Marseille Barracks, which houses the NCO School of the Air Force ( USLw ).

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Geographical Location

The municipality is located in southwestern Appen Schleswig -Holstein in the district of Pinneberg, at the highway 106 between Pinneberg and Moorrege in the largest nursery area in Europe.

The municipality comprises the towns of Appen, Appen - Etz and sub ​​Glindemann and sheep farm. Appen is between Pinneberg Wedel and in the immediate vicinity of the protected areas Holmer sand mountains and forest Klövensteen.

Neighboring communities

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The first mention Appens took place on September 19, 1269 in a deed of the knight Heinrich II of Barmstede. Early and prehistoric finds attest, however, of a much earlier settlement of the area. Evidence of an earlier settlement of the municipality is the Early Bronze Age grave mound De Danzenbarg at the Pinnau.

With the new airbase, today's NCO School of the Air Force, which is native to the Marseille -Kaserne, began in 1936 a conversion of the community away from the purely agricultural character. As part of the reorientation of the Bundeswehr should, according to the stationing concept in 2011, the number of posts at the site Appen fall from 500 to 350.

On July 1, 2006, Appen his Amtsfreiheit and has since been managed by the Office Moorrege.


Of the 19 seats in the municipal council have the CDU and the FDP since the municipal election held on 25 May 2008 seven seats and the SPD has five seats.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " In red one diagonally right up flying silver crane, accompanied at the bottom right of an upright silver ear of rye, at the bottom left of a five-petalled, red -filled silver rose with five green sepals. "

The coat of arms was designed by Paul Heinrich Gnekow from Marne and 1969 approved. The ear is for agriculture, the rose symbolizes the local rose farms and nurseries, while the pulling crane is a symbol of the Air Force stationed in Appen. The colors red and silver are the Holstein.


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Culture and sights

In Appen place annually since 1990 by the Appen making music instead. It is the largest volunteer fundraising event in Germany.


The Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina (* 1931) lives in Appen.


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