AppleWorks was an integrated program package of the company Apple, the various office applications (word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing, painting and presentation module and a communication module ) contains. AppleWorks was replaced by iWork.


Initially a program package 1984 was placed under this name for the Apple II on the market. It consisted of a word processor and a spreadsheet, which replaced VisiCalc. The presentation was character-oriented. Several vendors, including Beagle Bros Inc. ( TimeOut modules) and PinPoint software offered extensions that AppleWorks could be automated.

With the introduction of the Apple IIgs the company Style goods developed an integrated solution with graphical user interface GS Works, which word processing, spreadsheet, a simple paint program and communication tool included. GS Works was purchased by Claris and renamed AppleWorks GS. The lack of code base to have been the main reason that there was never a follow-up version with the exception of a single error correction. Terms of functionality, AppleWorks GS did not manage to the character-based predecessor version, which was from then on sold under the name AppleWorks Classic. With the disappearance of the Apple II family, including the name of the Macintosh family was free again. Although neither Apple nor for AppleWorks Classic AppleWorks GS operational large-scale advertising, was one of the best-selling software product line for 80 years.

AppleWorks for Mac was originally called ClarisWorks ( according to the former Apple subsidiary Claris ). The first version for the Macintosh was released in fall 1991. During the following years several versions came out, partly for Microsoft Windows, but without the communication module. After Claris was disbanded in early 1998, Apple took over the program directly and changed the name in AppleWorks. Version 6.0 came out in March 2000, the latest minor update (version 6.2.9 in the version for Mac OS X) in autumn 2003.

The communication module served at a time when the Internet was not yet widespread, to access via modem or directly through serial ports on the server. Various Dateienübertragungsmodi ( XModem, Zmodem ) and terminal emulations were available. Especially VT100 emulation showed fidelity to the original ( character-based graphics ). Because of the elimination of the serial ports on the newer Macs, the communication module has been omitted from version 6.

On January 11, 2005 Apple introduced the office suite iWork, which contains the presentation program Keynote and a new word processing program called Pages. Since published in August 2007 version iWork '08, the Numbers spreadsheet is included. With the introduction of iWork '08 Apple announced its resellers that Apple Works have now reached the " End of Life " status and will no longer be sold. The website AppleWorks now points to the iWork '09. AppleWorks was still delivered to the conversion of Mac OS X on Intel processors in 2006 by default with the consumer Macs (Mac mini, iBook, iMac ).