Application server

An application server, English Application Server [ ˌ æplɪkeɪʃn̩ sɝ vɚ ː ], in general, is a server in a computer network that executes application programs. In a narrower sense, the term refers to a software that provides special services such as transactions, authentication or access to directory services, web services and databases via defined interfaces.

Accessible and are essential application server instance in geographic information systems, where they produce the requested maps and also allow tracking in real time. That plan a route by entering the start and finish in the browser immediately a qualified result provides, not based on capabilities of the client, but on extensive individual investigations by the application server, which only returns its result.


Applications need to be developed for a particular type of application server ( types include Java EE,. NET, SAP Web Application Server). An application server provides a runtime environment for the server part of a client-server application ( for Web applications, the Web browser is the client part of the application) with

In the area of ​​application servers, especially in Java Platform, Enterprise Edition servers, the high proportion of open source products is striking.