Applied science

Under the name of Applied Science scientific disciplines which, in addition to their basic research a major focus in practical terms how the school education, youth psychology, engineering, social work or human medicine. Here, the established term is problematic in that it reflects only a portion of the object field, the application of theoretical knowledge.

The self-understanding of a subject as an applied science is culturally and historically determined. By look at the engineering sciences explicitly linked to the applied sciences, they distance themselves from the usually understood as fundamental subjects disciplines such as mathematics and physics. Within these basic subjects, there are also directions of work, who see themselves as applied mathematics or applied physics. On interdisciplinary issues applied linguistics and computer science applied are aligned. Scientific fields such as medicine or jurisprudence include with their practical disciplines also to the Applied sciences without label themselves as such.

Colleges in the German language must since the 1990s its name with an English or French subtitles, such as University of Applied Sciences ( University of Applied Sciences ) supplement. Associated with the transition to the international Bachelor's and Master's programs were so from the Fachhochschulen ( FH) officially Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW ). This designation also makes clear that the colleges / HAW focus decidedly on application-oriented courses and applied research.

Or applied scientific discipline - - the distinction to which only theoretical science, pure basic research In common parlance, the term is applied science. Using research or applied research and development, all activities are understood in the field of research, which have the primary purpose of generating or existing knowledge to combine up to the concrete methodological problem solutions in technology and economy (sector research and development) new knowledge. The scientific output question in this case has a close proximity to the practice. The newfound knowledge flows immediately into practice back and with that comes directly or indirectly benefit a range of use. Here, questions of practice and everyday life also new disciplines ( such as agricultural sciences to agriculture and forestry ), interdisciplinary collection and cut areas ( such as life sciences ) or entirely new applications formerly more theoretical or taxonomically -oriented branches (such as geographic information in the earth sciences, space science also as an offshoot of astronomy ).

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