Aqa Bozorg Tehrani

Sheikh Agha Bozorg - Tehrani (* 1876, † 1970 also wrote: Aga Buzurg Tihrānī ) is an Iranian scientist and bibliographer from Tehran. He is the author of Al Zaria. His real name was Mohammad Mohsen, in 1931 with the introduction of the identity card he chose the name Monzavi for themselves.


He was a Shia marja. from the Hawza Najaf Elmiye ( Islamic theological educational institution ). He was the teacher of Ayatollah Ali Hussaini Sistani, Ayatollah Muhammad Hussain Najafi and many other personalities.

Agha Bozorg Tehrani - emigrated in the early 20th century to Samarra and then to Najaf in Iraq. His most famous work, Al Zaria men tassanif al el shia (short: Zaria or al - Dhari'ah ), is a bibliography in 26 volumes with an additional three index volumes. He traveled to many countries and gained over 30 years Information about Shia works and writings in Iran and Iraq as well as in India, Pakistan, Syria and Egypt. He collected this information in six handwritten books. His eldest son Alinaghi Monzavi (* 1921) completed, corrected and published this work in another 30 years.

The first three volumes are printed in collaboration between father and son in Najaf after the Iraqi king Malek Faizal had prohibited the operation of a printing company owned by an Iranian. Agha Bozorg - was forced to the print shop to sell and move to Najaf, where he was placed by the higher proportion of Shia population less under pressure. Again, he could not have their own print shop. His attempts, the work still to print failed because it was forbidden to the printers to print a book, on which was the name of an Iranian father. Thus, the first volume was published with an Arab cover name as the author. Alinaghi Monzavi, the eldest son Agha- Bozorg, returned home and published the work in Tehran. Extended with the permission of the Father, and he published the corrected volumes 4-26 ( Volume 9 is very extensive and had to be printed in three part volumes) and three index volumes in the years 1936 to about 1980.

Work (selection)

  • Tabaghat e Aalam ol Shia (9 volumes)
  • Mosannafet -e Shi'e (6 volumes)