The Scheichtum Aqrabi (Arabic مشيخة العقربي, DMG Mašaiḫat al - ʿ Aqrabī ) was a state within the South Arabian Federation, after it was briefly part of the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South. The area is now part of the Republic of Yemen.

Originally the area was part of the Sultanate of Lahej, but abandoned it in the 18th century. It was one of nine cantons ( Sultanate of Lahej, Emirate of Dhala Scheichtum Alawi, Lower Aulaqi, Sultanate of Fadhli, Haushebi, Subeihi Lower Yafa ), who signed the treaty of protection with the United Kingdom in the late 19th century. Its capital was Bir Ahmad and it was between Lahej and the State of Aden. His last was Sheikh Mahmud ibn Muhammad Al Aqrabi. This was overthrown and his Scheichtum went in 1967 in the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen.