Aquatic rat

The Ecuador - fish rat ( Anotomys leander ) is a little-known rodent from the northern Andes of Ecuador.


The body length is 10 to 12 inches, added 13 to 15 cm tail. The coat color is gray white oberseits slate gray and the under side. On ear, there is a distinctive white spot. The ears are externally barely visible, the ear openings closed in adaptation to an aquatic life - a skill that is not found in related wasserbewohnenden rodents. Despite its name, the Ecuador - rat fish eats smaller animals rather than fish and is less than the related actual fish rats ( Ichthyomys ) adapted to hunt fish.

Abundance and status

For decades, Ecuador Fish rat was known only through a few copies until the zoologist Robert Voss 1978-1980, the animals could thoroughly study at a mountain stream on the slopes of Pichincha. All specimens of this species were seen at altitudes of 3600-3755 meters, so are exceedingly high- mountain dwellers.

The IUCN lists the Ecuador - fish rat as " critically endangered " ( endangered ), the data are more than ten years old.