Aquila Italiana

Aquila Italiana was an Italian manufacturer of cars.

Company History

The company Fabbrica Automobili d' Aquila, founded by Marchese Giulio Pallavicino and Giulio Cesare Cappa, began in 1906 in Turin with the production of automobiles, which was temporarily suspended in 1907, and in 1910 resumed. The company name " Aquila " (Italian for Eagle) one added the suffix " Italiana " in order to distinguish themselves from the German car manufacturer Adler. 1915, the automobile production as a result of the looming outbreak of war in favor of the production of military equipment was set. 1917 finally took over the automotive producer SPA, which in turn merged into Fiat later, the company.

Rolling stock

Various models were produced with four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines. Among the four-cylinder Model 12 HP from 1913 and, from 1912, the six-cylinder model 30/45 HP, the engine of 4200 cc, 60 hp were.

A car of this brand is on display at the Museo Carlo dell'Automobile Biscaretti di Ruffia in Turin.