Aquino is a town and episcopal see in the Italian province of Frosinone in the Lazio region with 5280 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located 118 km east of Rome and 43 km southeast of Frosinone.


Aquino is situated in the fertile valley of the Liri between the Monte Cairo in the north and the Aurunci in the south. It is since ancient times on the Via Latina, the present Via Casilina (SS 6).

The neighboring municipalities are Castrocielo Piedimonte San Germano, Pignataro Interamna and Pontecorvo.


Aquino is just off the A1 motorway Autostrada del Sole ( E 45 ), exit Pontecorvo.

With the stations Piedimonte - Villa San Lucia Aquino and Aquino - Pontecorvo - Castrocielo the place is located on the railway line Rome - Naples. The journey takes about 40 minutes to Frosinone to Rome and just under 2 hours.

In Aquino is an airfield ( ⊙ 41.49221683333313.719091 ) for general aviation.


From the 4th century BC Aquinum was an important place of the Volscians. With the control of the Romans over the Via Latina Aquinum was a municipium in the 1st century BC and AD to Colonia. Aquinum became an important town with up to 40,000 inhabitants. Get remained Porta Capuana today's Porta S. Lorenzo, as well as ruins within the city: two temples, a basilica and an amphitheater. The excavations of Aquinum lie west of the present city between the motorway and the Casilina.

590 Aquinum was destroyed by the Lombards and expelled the inhabitants of the nearby mountains. The new city was founded to the east between two (now drained ) lakes. Already in the 8th century by the Lords of Aquino controlled an area between Fregellae and Cassino. The Counts of Aquino had to compete with the abbots of Montecassino. Aquino was once again in 1252 by Conrad IV destroyed. Only the castle of the Conti d' Aquino remained, in the 16th century Aquino came by marriage to the Avalos and 1583 by selling at a price of 243,000 Goldscudi to Giacomo Boncompagni, the legitimate son of Pope Gregory XIII in 1796 .. bought Ferdinand IV Bourbon Aquino for the Kingdom of Naples.

1861 Aquino became part of the Kingdom of Italy. 1927 came from the province of Terra del Lavoro to the newly formed province of Frosinone.


Source: ISTAT


Antonino Grincia (PD ) was elected in May 2003 to the mayor and re-elected in April 2008. His left civil list ( Uniti by Aquino ) also with 11 of 16 seats, the majority in the City Council.

Sons and daughters of the town

The Roman poet Juvenal probably originated Aquinum, as well as the anti-emperor of the 2nd century Pescennius Niger.

In the Middle Ages is Aquino - and especially the castle Roccasecca, 8 kilometers north - the birthplace of Thomas Aquinas (* 1225, † 1274) known.

The place was eponymous for an aristocratic family of Lombard origin, who had the county Acerra, near Naples. Among the best known members of the family d' Aquino, another ( and contemporary ) Thomas Aquinas include Tommaso d' Aquino, † March 15, 1279, Count of Acerra, the Margherita de Suevia ( Margaret of Swabia, † 1297/98 ) married, an illegitimate daughter of the Emperor Frederick II