Arab American Vehicles

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Arab American Vehicles ( abbreviated: AAV) is an Egyptian automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Cairo. AAV is a joint venture between the Arab Organization for Industrialization to 51% and 49% of the American Chrysler.

In 1977 the company was established as a defense contractor and automobile manufacturers. On December 14, 1978, the company started the production of military and civilian cars Later, some models were prepared under various joint ventures in order situation. Since some of these models, however, as an import vehicle were parallel or available but were also made by other Egyptian producers to AAV decided the model name to supplement accordingly in order to distinguish themselves from the other products. Only the J- models specifically for the custom on the Egyptian market models.

The AAV is currently busy due to lack of quality with restructuring measures in order to realize their planned factory magnification. The production numbers have declined within the last three years to 17,600 units / year, which means a capacity utilization of only 45 to 47 percent.

The Arab American Vehicles used in the vehicle identification number of the manufacturer code DA1, DA2 and DA4.

Model Overview

J20 جيب Jeep J20 1978-1982

بيجو 504 Peugeot 504 1978-1979

بيجو 505 Peugeot 505 1979-1999

فيات ريتمو Fiat Ritmo 1982-1984

CJ -8 جيب Jeep CJ -8 1982-1986

FSO Polonez MR'83 1984-1986

FSO Polonez MR'86 / 87 1986-1989

بياجيو فسبا Piaggio Vespa 1986-1987

سوزوكي سويفت Suzuki Swift 1987

بيجو 405 Peugeot 405 since 1992

جيب شيروكي Jeep Cherokee 1992-1997

جيب شيروكي Jeep Cherokee 1997-2001

جيب شيروكي Kia Pride 1998-2002

جيب شيروكي Kia Pride Saloon 1998-2002

جيب شيروكي Kia Pride Wagon 1998-2002

بيجو 406 Peugeot 406 1999-2004

بيجو بارس Peugeot Pars since 1999

سيتروين كسارا ألفا Citroën Xsara Alpha 2000-2006

سيتروين كسارا بيكاسو Citroën Xsara Picasso since 2000

هيونداي سوناتا بريما Hyundai Sonata Prima 2000-2001

جيب شيروكي Jeep Cherokee 2001-2008

كيا الأطيا سيفيا ف Kia Sephia Spectra 2002-2006

TJL جيب Jeep TJL 2003-2008

جيب شيروكي Jeep Cherokee since 2008

J8 جيب Jeep J8 since 2008

TJL - J8 جيب Jeep TJL - J8 since 2008