Arabic alphabet#Modified letters

The Alif maqsura (Arabic الألف المقصورة al - alif al - maqsura, limited Alif ' ) is an additional sign of the Arabic script, which is not counted for the Arabic alphabet. It stands for a auslautendes [a ː ]. It is played according to the DMG romanization with a velvet macron ( ā ).

It is like the Ya ي written, but without points ( ى ), only at the end of a word ( in final position ) is used and has no numerical value. An exception is the foreign word Taurat (Torah), where it is in the word inside ( تورية ).

Before endings ( suffixes ) is the most ى ا to (Alif ) - Example: Rama / رمى / he has thrown, 'but ramāhu with personal pronoun suffix / رماه / he has thrown it ' - but the letters are in the Koran maintained with Alif maqsura and indicated its phonetic value with a small set Alif about the letter before ( رميه ).

Alif maqsura in Unicode