Arçelik A.Ş. is a listed Turkish manufacturer of household appliances, 57% for Koç Holding ( short Koç called ) is one and sells its products in over 100 countries. The company focuses mainly on so-called " white goods ", small appliances for kitchen and bathroom as well as consumer electronics. With 14 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries (Turkey, Russia, Romania, China and South Africa) and sales organizations in 19 countries, the company employs 19,000 people. Among the Company's brands include Arcelik, Beko, Altus, Blomberg, Defy, Arctic, Leisure, Grundig, Elektra Bregenz and Flavel.

Company History

The company was founded in 1955 with the construction of the first plant in Sütlüce and began in 1959 with the production of washing machines, a year later with the fridges. The factory was moved in 1968 by Sütlüce after Çayırova. The production of refrigerators, for which a plant was built in Eskişehir in 1975: From this main station were then gradually outsourced by business components. Two years later, a compressor plant was followed also in Eskişehir and another two years later (1979 ) the production of vacuum cleaners with a factory in Izmir and 1993 the production of dishwashers with a factory in Ankara ( 1993). In 1996, a plant for the production of air conditioning was opened in Çayırova.

In 1999, the Koç Group was radically transformed. As part of this reorganization, the Arçelik A.Ş., Türk A.Ş. Electrical Endüstrisi, Atılım were A.Ş. and Gelisim A.Ş. and in 1977 outsourced by Arçelik Ardim grouped under Arçelik. In 2001 the company took over the marketing and distribution of Beko Elektronik A.Ş., a sister company that had specialized in consumer electronics. The purpose of this restructuring was to have a centralized system to increase the effectiveness of the overall Koç Group. Thus, several works have been merged or relocated to traffic- favorable places.

2000 was followed by a collaboration with LG, the LG Arçelik Air Conditioning Industry and Trade Inc. 2002 Arçelik acquired the German company Blomberg and the Austrian Elektra Bregenz, together with the trademark of Elektra Bregenz and Tirolia to continue the English company Leisure and Flavel and the Romanian Arctic. In 2004, Arçelik the coveted German iF Design Award for a coffee machine. From the JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintance ) in 2005 in the field of TPM ( Total Productive Maintenance) an "Award for TPM Excellence, 1st Category" awarded to two works by Arçelik. The company also received several awards from the Energy Saving Trust and the European Energy Commission. In the same year, several products of Arçelik and affiliated companies have been tested with good results at Stiftung Warentest and received the coveted German award Plus X Award.

2009 took over Arçelik all shares of working in the consumer electronics listed sister company Grundig Elektronik A.Ş..