Archaeological Institute of America

The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA ) is an American non-profit organization for the promotion of archeology and based in Boston and New York.


The objectives of the Archaeological Institute of America is to promote the public interest in archeology, the information and education of interested lay people who support scientific research in all disciplines of archeology and the preservation of archaeological sites around the world.


The Archaeological Institute of America was founded in 1879. Charles Eliot Norton (1827-1908), professor at Harvard University, was the first president. 1882 on the initiative of the AIA American School of Classical Studies at Athens founded in 1895 the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, 1899, the American School for Oriental Study and Research in Jerusalem.

The AIA has about 200,000 members. The current President is Elizabeth Bartman.

The actor Harrison Ford, who played the famous fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones in the eponymous film series, is curator of the AIA and supported the organization through public appearances.


Since 1885, the AIA publishes the quarterly American Journal of Archaeology. Since 1948, the popular science magazine Archaeology is published twice a month. Since 1999, the magazine appears Dig, processed the archaeological themes for children between eight and 13 years.