Archie Moore

Archie Moore ( born December 13, 1916 in Benoit, Mississippi Archibald Lee Wright, † December 9, 1998 in San Diego ) was an American professional boxer.


His first fight as a professional boxer denied Moore on January 31, 1936., 1944, he defeated Charley Burley, against Ezzard Charles, he lost 1946-1948 three times. In 1945, he lost by knockout in the sixth round against Jimmy Bivins, he then but in four other encounters defeated each. In 1949 he achieved his first of four victories against Harold Johnson.

On December 15, 1952, at the age of 39, he fought against Joey Maxim in St. Louis for the first time to the world title in the light heavyweight and won over 15 rounds on points. Late as 1962, at the age of 49 years, was " Ageless " Archie World Champion. He is the oldest title holder in the history of boxing.

In the heavyweight Moore also tried from time to time, but was neither against Rocky Marciano, the ausknockte him in the ninth round, even against Floyd Patterson, with whom he punched after the resignation Marciano for the vacant world title successfully. Against Patterson he lost on November 30, 1956 in Chicago by way of knockout in the fifth round.

His penultimate battle he lost in 1962 by technical knockout in round four against the upcoming Star Muhammad Ali. His last fight on March 15, 1963 against Mike DiBiase in Phoenix, he won by KO in round three.

Moore is considered the boxer with the most official knockout victories ( unofficially Jimmy Wilde) in the history of boxing. In 1990 he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

In the independent, eternal Computer World Ranking BoxRec he is regarded as the most successful boxer of all time, regardless of weight class.


1960 played Archie Moore in the Huckleberry Finn movie " Adventure on the Mississippi " the role of the slave Jim; to 1982, he took over repeatedly roles in films and television episodes.

Four days before his 82nd birthday died Moore, who already in 1994 a bypass operation shall undergo, at a nursing home in San Diego of heart failure.