Arctic Bay

Arctic Bay, Nunavut Territory, is a directly located on the Borden Peninsula in the north of Baffin Island at Admiralty Inlet settlement with approximately 760 inhabitants (of which 91 % Inuit ). The Inuktitut name is Ikpiarjuk ( rare Tununirusiq ), "Pocket ". The distance to the capital, Iqaluit, consists of a scheduled flight ( First Air Ltd. ) From Nanisivik Airport, is approximately 1225 km.

Paleo- Eskimos of the Pre- Dorset culture was around 4,000 years ago, probably the first people who came to this region. As the first non- Inuk reached Captain William Adams with his whaling ship " Arctic" in 1872 the bay. The next was after, researchers Joseph E. Bernier, who wintered here with the Government steamer " Arctic" in 1910/11. Opened in 1926, the Hudson's Bay Company trading post, but closed it again the following year. A re-opening took place in 1936, as were originally relocated to here from the area of ​​Pangnirtung and Cape Dorset Inuit derived from the unsuccessful operating HBC trading post Dundas Harbour. In the 1930s there was a Catholic mission station for a short time. 1937 was an Anglican mission station; but it was also closed ten years later after Schießunfalltod of the missionary John Turner again. The first school was opened in 1972.

On the northern part of the Borden Peninsula, where Arctic Bay is located, where mountains rise to a height of 1,300 meters. The south-east of the village is dominated by the mountain King George V Mountain with 564 meters height. A 21- kilometer road connects the village to Nanisivik, which arose in the early 1970s and 2004 abandoned mining settlement.

Land animals come into the Arctic Bay region present only in small numbers; often at most polar bears are found on the Borden Peninsula. However, in summer Arctic Bay is a paradise for whale watchers; especially the narwhal then frequented the Admiralty Inlet.