Aremberg (mountain)

The Aremberg with the village Aremberg approximately from the direction of Barweiler or south-southeast considered

Overlooking the Aremberg of Calvary ( Alendorf ) ausbdep2

Wacholderheide and Aremberg, painting by Fritz von Willebdep3

The Aremberg Aremberg in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Ahrweiler is a tertiary volcano with 623.8 m above sea level. NHN, the highest mountain of the Ahrgebirges ( Ahreifel ).



The Aremberg rises in the north- western part of Rhineland -Palatinate approximately 2.25 km east of the border with North Rhine- Westphalia and belongs to the East Eifel volcanic field. On its south-western slope lies the village of Aremberg, at its Südostfuß the village Antweiler. The basalt cone is surrounded by the small nature reserve Aremberg.

East past the Aremberg flows a middle course section of the Ahr, north of the mountain from the western Ahr inflow Eichenbach is circled.

Nature Spatial allocation

The Aremberg heard in the physiographic feature unit group Osteifel (No. 27) and in the main unit Ahreifel (272 ) for subunit Northern Ahrbergland ( 272.1 ), with its eastern flank in the subunit Middle Ahr Valley ( 272.2 ) falls in the natural environment Dümpelfelder Ahr Valley ( 272.20 ).


On a majority of the Arembergs the nature reserve is Aremberg ( CDDA-Nr. 81313; reported in 1977, 1.3 km ² ). ( 1980, 925.86 km ² CDDA-Nr. 323834 ); On the mountain the Fauna- Flora-Habitat area Aremberg are ( FFH-Nr. 5506-302 2.41 km ²) as well as parts of the landscape protection area Rhein- Ahr -Eifel and the bird sanctuary Ahrgebirge ( VSG-Nr. 5507-401; 304.23 km ²).

Castle Aremberg and observation tower

At the peak of Arembergs are few remains of the castle was first mentioned in 1166 Aremberg and in their erstwhile land a 1854 erbauter from ruin plutonic rock observation tower ( ⊙ 50.4171944444446.8142222222222 ).

Nürburgring Nordschleife

A stretch of the race track Nürburgring - Nordschleife, from which one can see the Aremberg, is named after the mountain.

Transport and Hiking

East past the Aremberg leads the Valley of the Ahr between Fuchshofen and Antweiler the provincial road 73 from this road branches off in Antweiler the south of the mountain extending from County Road 6, which hits south of the village Aremberg on the K 5. The latter connects Dorsel by Aremberg with Eichenbach to push east of it on the L 73. So you can drive around the mountain again and go in the village Aremberg up to its high altitude. For example, on these streets starting can be hiked mountain paths and forest trails. North past the mountain passes a section of a Roman road.

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