Arena Football

Arena Football is a resultant from the American football and this very similar ball sport that is one of the games collectively known as the Gridiron Football. The main difference is that Arena Football is played in halls.


Due to space limitation, Arena Football is played with modified rules of the open-air football. So the playing field is much smaller (50 yds ) and by a wall moved, which is to act as a protective due to the spatial density. This " reduction " of the game media pervades all areas of the game, then the closely lying posts can (a kind of U-shaped gate in football) in comparison with the American Football call. Also to be found per team only eight players on the field ( three fewer than the NFL football ), and up to two specialists and the quarterback must all play in attack and in defense ( Ironman Football).

Another obvious difference is that in addition to Posts networks are strained. So the kick-off goes ( the discount which the ball is put into play ) in the network and will only start if it falls.

Since an attack player may move as opposed to the normal football before the snap and after the front of the Arena Football, usually a wide receiver sprinting toward the line of scrimmage to gain an advantage over the defense.

The Punten the ball is generally prohibited. Were in the first three tests not required ten yards for a new first attempt achieved so has the offense at the fourth attempt either the possibility to achieve with a field goal points, or with a turn required yards back down to a new first attempt to enable, or immediately to achieve with a touchdown points.

Due to these factors, Arena Football is a very fast game, are achieved at the very high end results, which are rare in the normal American football, since the pass attack has priority. Due to the low evasive course the teams set only in exceptional situations on the running game.

Leagues and Players

As the inventor Jim Foster holds a patent on a part of the rules, there are only two leagues, where arena football is played, the Arena Football League and the less significant minor league af2.

Probably the most famous former Arena Football player is quarterback Kurt Warner, who was after his season with the Iowa Barnstormers committed by the St. Louis Rams. He became not only for NFL MVP, but also managed to win with the Rams to the Super Bowl.

After the bankruptcy of the NFL Europe, the AFL has secured the names of the old NFL Europe team. The goal seemed to be that it is so soon be available in Germany or Europe own Arena Football League and it is included in the American League. As a result of the economic and Finzanzkrise 2008 but the matches of the AFL has been set for the year 2009 is not expected with the implementation of this plan probably at short notice.

In April 2010, the venue was again with 15 teams to 18 match days and subsequent playoffs. The Arena Bowl Championship Game was played on weekends from 20 to 23 August 2010.

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