The company Arenaways SpA is a private Italian railway company based in Alessandria.

  • 4.1 locomotives
  • 4.2 car


Founder, co-owner and namesake of Arenaways is Giuseppe Arena, the long time was employed by Trenitalia and 2001, the freight railway undertakings Strade Ferrate del Mediterraneo (SFM ) founded, which was acquired in 2004 by Deutsche Bahn and now DB Schenker Rail Italia Srl ( likewise based in Alessandria) operates. The company has been established since 2009. A goal of the company was to enhance regional transport between the metropolitan areas of the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. This could be set up in the form of a ring traffic on the link Milan -Turin - Alessandria for about a year. However, the infrastructure company of the Italian State Railways, RFI, Arenaways not allowed to use intermediate stops between Milan and Turin. Because of this prevention strategy condemned the Italian Antitrust Authority 25 July 2012 Trenitalia and RFI to fines.

Since 1 August 2011, the company is led by a bankruptcy trustee, after shareholders had filed a bankruptcy petition. According to reports from September 2011 Arenaways to be sold. One reason for the financial problems is the lack of utilization of the main line between Turin and Milan, its because the regions had no intermediate stops permitted (see also Regional traffic Turin -Milan ). According to reports, the regional air services has not been resumed after the summer break in August, while the international car trains go back. According to another report, the company was sold to a new owner.

Car and night trains

Since May 2010 Arenaways drives a car and night trains from Hamburg and Dusseldorf to Alessandria in cooperation with the DB AutoZug. For the summer of 2011 is planned in cooperation with the Dutch company Euro Express Treincharter BV Alessandria and Livorno with s- Hertogenbosch ( near Arnhem) to connect to car and night trains.

With custom night trains Arenaways has rented from the Renfe for a period of five years, three Talgo Trenhotel trimmings. These will run from Turin to Reggio Calabria and Bari.

Regional traffic Turin -Milan

The start of the ring traffic was intended for September 2010, but had to be postponed in the allocation of train paths due to licensing problems for the newly purchased vehicle, and problems. On 15 November 2010 Arenaways could operate with two pairs of trains daily Milano Rogoredo - record Torino Lingotto, but with the restriction that instead of the planned 14 stations only the 4 should be approached. Only the stations in the cities of Milan and Turin ( Milano Rogoredo, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Torino Porta Susa and Lingotto Torino ) may be served, as there are objections, according to press reports from Trenitalia for a competition with the existing regional trains by Arenaways. Since the existing regional trains are subsidized by the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, there is a fear that the requested grant amount would rise once these trains will have to compete with the new offer. Therefore Arenaways were only train paths for a direct connection Milano - Torino assigned without operation of the intermediate stations. Despite these resistors Giuseppe Arena announced that it was important now to operate the first private passenger transport by rail aufzunehmend and the fight for fair competition in the passenger goes further. According Arenaways € 50 million was invested in the fleet. The maintenance of the trains to be made in the workshop in Arquata Scrivia. As a first offer improvement, the company was able to extend from December 21, 2010, traffic on four pairs of trains. The first and last train of the day wrong Interestingly enough, even on weekends, the remaining trains only from Monday to Friday. As part of this schedule change also travel time reductions were only up to 1:41 between Torino Porta Susa and Milano Porta Garibaldi be achieved. Since the bankruptcy petition, the line connections are clearly exposed.


Arenaways wants to offer with fast connections as well as modern and comfortable vehicles Regional traffic at a high level. The new vehicles offer travelers with large seat pitch and vis -a- vis seating a lot of space, is added in each train car with a snack bar as well as information and ticket desk. In a subdivision in 1st and 2nd class is omitted, it offered a single quite high class, seat reservations are obligartorisch and included in the fare.


The fare for a single journey between Turin and Milan is 17 €. By comparison, the InterCity ticket from Trenitalia cost € 14.50 in the second, € 19.50 in first class. Customers can procure the tickets in three ways (without extras ): on the website of the company, on board the train certain ( at vending machines or the train crew ) and at newsstands or " Tabaccherias " on or adjacent to the served stations.

Rolling stock


  • Are used first three electric locomotives of the series 483 from the TRAXX family of Bombardier: E 483. These four other locomotives of this type will be added in the year 2010. With these engines the regional services are mainly driven.
  • E 189: In addition to the TRAXX locomotives two Siemens electric locomotives of type E 189 were procured from the Euro Sprinter family in the fall of 2010. These are especially in cross-border long-distance transport, eg in the night and Autozugleistungen be used.
  • G 2000: Especially for three shunting diesel locomotives Vossloh G 2000 BB were procured.


  • Coaches: For the regional ring road were new ( suitable for long-haul ) coaches from the manufacturer ASTRA Passenger Coaches Plc. (Romania ) procured.