Arend Heyting

Arend Heyting, actually Heijting, ( born May 9, 1898 in Amsterdam, † July 9, 1980 in Lugano ) was a Dutch mathematician and logician. He was a student of LEJ Brouwer and dealt with the intuitionistic logic, for which he 1930, the first formal system of axioms stated.

Heyting studied mathematics from 1916 to deer University of Amsterdam, where he was influenced by Brouwer and Gerrit Mannoury. In 1922 he made ​​his Doctoraalexamen. After that, he was a teacher in Enschede, but dealt more with Brouwers intuitionism and in 1925 a doctorate on intuitionistic axiomatics in projective geometry ( intuitionistic axiomatiek the projectieve meet customer ). 1927 praised the Wiskundig Genootschap from a price over the formalization of intuitionism, won the Heyting. The work was published in 1930 and established his international reputation. In 1936 he became a lecturer in Amsterdam, 1937 Lecturer and 1948 as the successor of Professor Mannoury. He retired in 1968 but remained scientifically active.

He published the first volume of Brouwer's Collected Works.