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Arendal? / I is a city and municipality located in the Norwegian Fylke Aust -Agder around 256 km south-west of Oslo, on the North Sea coast. The provincial capital, has 33 303 inhabitants and is adjacent to Grimstad in the southwest, Froland in the northwest and Tvedestrand in the Northeast. With the upstream Tromøy the city in the east of the 400 m long suspension bridge Tromøybrua is connected.


Arendal was 1523 inches privilege. The sailing ship traffic was at times so high that you could walk dry-shod over the ships from the Town Hall to the island Hisøy. Main export were timber and iron ore. In 1875 had approximately 4,000 inhabitants Arendal around 350 sailing cargo vessels with a total crew of about 4,000 men. Today the Fylker Vest -Agder and Aust- Agder comprehensive landscape Agder possessed the late 1870s for about two percent of the world ship tonnage. With the advent of steamships Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim gained greater importance within the Norwegian merchant fleet and the proportion of ships held in Arendal reduced significantly until 1925. Today, an average of one ship expire on the date on the port. In the year 2000 342.000 tons were handled.

1796 Arendal got its own theater. 1832, the first newspaper, " The Vestlandske Tidende ", was founded. Also in 1832 received Arendal its own library and a museum called " Arendal Skoles Offentlige library og Museum ". This Arendal got to Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen as the fourth city in Norway a public museum. It later became the Aust- Agder Museum, Aust- Agder archive and library Arendal, Aust- Agder today kulturhistoriske called senter.

In 2002 Arendal was connected to the global virtual United Nations University and offers Master's programs.


Port of Arendal

Town with church

Sights of the Arendal Region

  • Merdø with picturesque wooden houses and the Merdogaard Skjærgårdsmuseum
  • Port Pollen Arendal
  • Torungen lighthouses of Arendal, which are accessible by boat and offer a place to stay
  • Lyngør, Tvedestrand, " The City in the Sea", which is located on four islands and 100 inhabitants

Twin Cities

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Gunnar Knudsen (1848-1928), Prime Minister
  • Sam Eyde (1866-1940), industrialist
  • Svenn Thorkild Stray (1922-2012), Foreign Minister
  • Kirsten Bråten Berg ( born 1950 ), folk singer
  • Jon Gelius (* 1964), journalist of NRK
  • Finn Squire (born 1969 ), playwright
  • Øystein Grødum ( b. 1977 ), winter sports
  • Thor Hushovd (born 1978 ), cyclist
  • Gunnar Solli January ( b. 1981 ), football player