Argaeus II of Macedon

Argaios II was the son of Pausanias. With the help of the Illyrians he expelled Amyntas III. from Macedonia and ruled here for two years. With Thessalian support Amyntas III could. then recapture a part of his land and remove Argaios II from the throne.

359 BC, after the death of Perdiccas III. , Argaios raised his right to the throne and gathered an army. He was supported in this case by the Athenians, who sent him the commander Mantias with 3000 hoplites. In an attempt to conquer Aegae he was repulsed and defeated at the retreat to Methoni of Philip II.


  • Diodorus Siculus, 14, 92; 16, 2 - 3
  • King ( Macedonia)
  • Born in the 5th century BC
  • Died in the 4th century BC
  • Man

Pictures of Argaeus II of Macedon