Argegno is an Italian municipality ( comune ) with 670 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012) in the Lombardy province of Como. Adjacent communities are Brienno, COLONNO, Dizzasco, Pigra and Schignano and Lezzeno and Nesso on the southern shore of Lake Como.

Argegno is almost exactly in the middle between Como and Menaggio on the western shore of Lake Como, directly at the foot of Intelvi Valley. The historic center is severed through the opening into the Lake River Telo. A cable car leads to lying on a high relief Pigra place. The local view stretches from the northern foothills to the far located on the southern shore Nesso. About one yourself pulling through the entire Intelvi Valley Road can be the about 15 kilometers away, Bergdorf Lanzo d' Intelvi reach the Swiss border.