Argentina Menis

Argentina Menis ( born July 19, 1948 in Cernele, Dolj county ) is a former Romanian athlete who had belonged in the 1970s to the world's best discus throwers.

Internationally, it first appeared at the 1971 European Athletics Championships in Helsinki in appearance, where she finished fourth with a distance of 59.04 m. The greatest success of her career, she celebrated a year later at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 by winning the silver medal. They fought a memorable duel with the former Soviet world record holder Faina Melnik. In the final Menis presented with a width of 64.28 meters in her first attempt a temporary Olympic record and was the fourth attempt to whet 65.06 m. Melnik turn countered with a throw of 66.62 meters, thus securing the gold medal.

The rivalry with Faina Melnik Menis accompanied throughout their entire career. Shortly after the Olympics succeeded Menis on September 23, 1972 in Constanţa, to improve the held of Melnik world record by 56 cm to 67.32 m. On 25 May the following year Melnik conquered the record back, however.

In the Universiade 1973 in Moscow Menis won the silver medal. Also at the European Athletics Championships 1974 in Rome, she took second place. Both times she was beaten by her Dauerkonkurrentin Faina Melnik. Another silver medal won Menis at the Universiade 1975 in Rome. This time, however, she succumbed to the Bulgarian Marija Wergowa, which began its ascent to the world class at that time.

At the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal Menis reached only the sixth. You and Faina Melnik were then replaced by Evelin Jahl and Marija Wergowa - Petkowa as the dominant female athletes in their discipline. The rivals met but at the Athletics World Cup 1977 in Dusseldorf each other again. As usual, from the past, Melnik won ahead of Menis.

Argentina Menis is 1,71 m tall and weighed 85 kg to their active time.


  • Discus throw: 67.96 m, May 15, 1976 Bucharest