Argobba language

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Argobba ( aʕargobba ʔaf ) is a äthiosemitische language and forms with the Amharic group ( AA group of the transversal Südäthiosemitisch ) within the südäthiosemitischen languages.

Geographical distribution

Argobba is only spoken by a few thousand people in several enclaves along the African grave breach in the Ethiopian regions of North Shewa and South- Wollo. The Speaker of the Argobba are members of the ethnic group Argobba. However, the Argobba have given up in most areas in recent decades their language in favor of Amharic or Oromo. Therefore, there are more ethnic Argobba as speaker of the language Argobba.


Although for a time the opinion was that Argobba is actually a dialect of Amharic, it is now classified as a separate language, which itself has several dialects. The two known dialects are spoken in two non-contiguous areas and are not mutually intelligible. One dialect is spoken in the area of Aliyu Amba in East Shewa and the other dialect in the two villages Shonke and T'ollaha in Southeast Wollo.



The pharyngeal consonants ( marked with *), it is only in the dialect of Shonke.