Argyll ( pronunciation: [ argaɪl ]; Scottish Gaelic Earra - Ghàidheal, pronunciation: [. A ː r̴əɣɛ ː əɫ̪ ], means about "Coast of Gaels ") is sometimes called Argyllshire and is one of the traditional counties of Scotland, which in 7th century to the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada was. The historically very interesting complex of Kilmartin is located in Argyll.

The historic county seat is Inveraray, where there is also still the seat of power of the Duke of Argyll (→ Clan Campbell). The main towns are Oban, Campbeltown, Lochgilphead and Inveraray.

Ardnamurchan and Morvern, north of the Isle of Mull, are part of the county. The islands of Muck, Rum, Canna and Sanday - the so-called Small Isles - were also part of the district until they - were added to the county of Inverness-shire in 1891 - along with Eigg.

From 1889 to 1975 Argyll exist as an administrative county and then went to the District Argyll and Bute Strathclyde region.

The present county of Argyll and Bute Argyll and includes the island of Bute, formerly part of Buteshire, as well as the area west of Loch Lomond (part of Dunbartonshire ). Today's administrative headquarters is located in Lochgilphead.