Ariana (disambiguation)

The term Ariana or Arianna has several meanings:

  • Ariana ( first name ), a female first name
  • Ariana Afghan Airlines, the airline of Afghanistan
  • Ariana Television Network, private television station in Kabul
  • Ariana Afghanistan TV International, headquartered in USA
  • Ariana Governorate, a governorate in Tunisia
  • Ariana (Tunisia ), the capital of the province of the same name
  • A village in East Timor, see Uatu Haco
  • Ariana ( Persia ), antique landscape in the east of Persia
  • Ariana ( religion), a religion in the Persian Empire
  • Musée Ariana, the Swiss museum of ceramics and glass in Geneva
  • Ariana (beer), a Bulgarian beer brand
  • Arianasee, a lake in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ariana Latinized spelling of Iran as a self-designation referred to not only as a country but as a cultural area with about 21 peoples in antiquity, even Aryana, as a foreign name Persia.
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