Ariane 2

The Ariane 2 is the second model in the series of Ariane rockets.


The structure of the Ariane Ariane 2 is almost identical to the first was only increases the thrust of the first and second stages and converted engines of the hypergolic fuel combination combination nitrogen tetroxide / 25 UH. In addition, the third stage was extended and the rocket was given a new fairing whose tip had a double cone. Thus, the height of the rocket has increased to 49 m and launch weight of 219 t.

The Ariane 3 is identical to the Ariane 2, except that she had two additional solid rocket boosters.

The payload, which can be brought from the Ariane 2 in a geostationary orbit, is 2175 kg, 325 kg more than the Ariane 1


There were six launches of Ariane 2 The first took place on 31 May 1986 ( according to local time or 30 May), almost two years after the first flight of the Ariane 3 This launch was a failure, the remaining five were successful, with the last in 1989 took place.

The Ariane 2 launched exclusively Satellite Series INTELSAT VA and high-performance television satellites on the satellite platform Spacebus 300 based.

Five Ariane 2 lifted from the launch site ELA -1 and an Ariane 2 raised (such as two Ariane 3) of a purpose built particularly high Start platform on which erected for the Ariane 4 launch site ELA - 2 from to those of before the arrival first Ariane 4 to test and increase the launch rate.

This is a complete list of all launches.

¹ NOT the target orbit of the payload, but the path on which the payload was suspended from the third stage.