Ariaramna I ( Old Persian Aryau - Ramna, Ariaramna Babylonian, Elamite Harriyaraumna, Greek Ariaramnes; * before 645 BC) was the third king of the ancient Persian Achaemenid Empire. He was the younger son of King Teispes, followed together on this with his older brother Cyrus I and reigned from 640 BC when King of Parsumasch. His name means: The Aryans befriedend.

His life

His father Teispes had previously divided the territory for his two sons. While Cyrus was I. Anshan, Ariaramna I. Parsumasch was assigned. Of the original 12 tribes under Teispes the area of Ariaramna I still comprised 10 strains.

After the conquest by the Median king Cyaxares II Ariaramna I was not willing to act as a vassal king. He was therefore relieved of Cyaxares II of his office. Cyrus I passed in this context its former territory to manage.

On Ariaramna his son Arschama I succeeded as King of Persis region