With ARINC 653 Avionics Application Software Standard Interface Standard created by ARINC is referred avionics area. ARINC 653 is concerned with the virtualization in computer systems with regard to the special requirements of the aerospace industry. Such a requirement is the predictability of the performance of a computer system.

An important feature of ARINC 653 is the allocation of resources ( CPU time, memory, etc. ) for individual applications that run on the same processor or memory. This ensures that affect the applications are not mutually in an undesired manner. This property allows it to run on a CPU safety-critical software with different certification requirements.

The definition of an Application Programming Interface (API), also reflects the trend of the modular avionics (IMA).


  • Resource partitioning
  • Process Management
  • Time management
  • Communication within and between partitions
  • Health Monitoring