Aristide Aubert Dupetit-Thouars

Aristide Aubert Dupetit - Thouars (* August 31 1760 in Saumur, France, † August 1, 1798 off the coast of the Nile in Egypt today ) was a French admiral and sailors.

Dupetit - Thouars naval career began in 1778, he participated in the Battle of Ushant in part, then he crossed mainly in the Caribbean prior to Martinique and was involved in the conquest of Grenada and the subsequent Battle of Grenada.

1786, he was a member of a hydrographic expedition that explored the Ionian islands, Aegean Sea and the Marmara Sea. His own first command received Dupetit - Thouars finally 1792. During the same year, he continued throughout his personal assets in order to fund a search for the French circumnavigator and explorer La Pérouse. The mission, whose command he held, failed and Dupetit - Thouars was set at a stopover in Brazil from Portugal, and went after his release in the United States.

In 1796 he returned to France, re-entered the navy and became first commander of the Franklin, later the Tonnant. In the latter ship he accompanied in 1798 with the Commodore Brueys the French expeditionary force under General Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt. Before the Egyptian coast took place on August 1, 1798 to the Battle of the Nile, as an English squadron under Admiral Nelson surprised the French fleet at anchor and devastating hit.

Dupetit - Thouars himself was severely wounded in this battle, but he refused to leave his command. The Verblutende could be stuck in a barrel of bran to make the longest possible resistance can. His last command was to nail the flag to the mast - to prevent after his death a surrender of his team. These measures made ​​Dupetit - Thouars world famous and a French national hero, but the defeat of his fleet he could not prevent. On August 1, Dupetit - Thouars died still on board the Tonnant his injuries.

  • Naval officer (France)
  • Seafarer
  • Frenchman
  • Born in 1760
  • Died in 1798
  • Man