Aristides (Greek Ἀριστείδης; * around 550 BC; † around 467 BC), nicknamed " the Just " was an Athenian statesman.

According to his biographer Plutarch, he stood from his youth in a fierce competition to its peers Themistocles, which also shaped his entire political life. Aristides took in 490 BC as part strategos at the Battle of Marathon. He was 489/488 BC Archon. As an opponent of the fleet plans of Themistocles, he was banished from 482 BC to 480 BC by the ostracism, but took in 480 BC at the Battle of Salamis in part and commanded 479 BC, the Athenian troops at the Battle of Plataea.

477 BC, he participated in the founding of the first Delian League. His determination to be paid by the members payments to the federal treasury earned him the nickname of the righteous.

A daughter (or granddaughter ) of Aristides, Myrto, should - have been the second wife of the famous Athenian philosopher Socrates - according to some sources.


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