Arizona Rangers

The Arizona Rangers was a special police unit that was founded in 1901 after the model of the Texas Rangers in what was then the Arizona Territory, to counter the increasing lawlessness in the territory. My seat was in Bisbee (Arizona ).

In the company, which had a strength of 26 men in 1903, served in the period 1901-1909 a total of 107 men, consisting of former law enforcement officers, soldiers, ranchers and cowboys. As a trained horsemen and bowmen they provided far beyond the borders of Arizona addition, respect and recognition. Your use contributed to the fact that Arizona was admitted as 48th state in the United States of America on February 14, 1912.

The Captains

Captain Burton C. Mossman ( 1901-1902 )

Burton C. Mossman was the first Captain of the Arizona Rangers.

He was rancher, Rough Rider and the one who had called the ranger unit to life. He was authorized by Governor Murphy to organize the Ranger and lead. In 1902 he joined because of business interests, and or or because he did not want to serve under a new governor, Captain back.

Captain Thomas H. Rynning ( 1902-1907 )

Thomas H. Rynning took over the leadership of the Arizona Rangers after the resignation Moss Mans.

Under his leadership, the Ranger for dealing with strike situations in Morenci and Bisbee were known. Rynning, who had already been lieutenant with Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders, led by a comprehensive training program. Under his leadership, the company of the Arizona Rangers was increased to 26 men.

Captain Harry C. Wheeler ( 1907-1909 )

Harry C. Wheeler was the third captain of the Arizona Rangers.

Wheeler joined the unit in 1903 as a private. His promotion to sergeant was already three months later. In 1905 he attained the rank of lieutenant and then to be on March 25, 1907, the third Captain of the Arizona Rangers.