ARJ is an application program for archiving and compressing files. At the same time called ARJ also the proprietary file format of this application. It was named after its inventor, Robert Jung.

Meanwhile, there is a free version for Linux, Solaris, DOS, Windows and OS / 2

Parts of the procedure were protected by U.S. patent.


Early to mid -1990s, ARJ was under MS- DOS and Windows, the most widely used compression program by PKZIP, ZIP format but never displaced from its top spot. It had, however, captured with voicemail systems a niche area, as ARJ possessed a more robust handling of multi-part archives ( multi-volume archives ). As a command line program but it has been almost completely replaced with the introduction of Windows 95 from ZIP and RAR, which brought menu-driven interfaces.

In 2002, a free version of the software under the GNU GPL was published, which runs on more platforms is now regarded as the original versions of ARJ Software Inc.