Arkadij Naiditsch

Arkady Naiditsch (born 25 October 1985 in Riga) is a German chess player lettlandrussischer origin.



Naiditsch learned chess from his father at the age of five years and was already eight years old when a champion contender. In addition, he coached in a hockey school. In 1996 Naiditsch moved with his family from Riga to Dortmund. In the following years the talent in Verdun European Junior Champion U10 in 1995 and had to show a second place at World Junior Championships, sponsored by his club, the chess friends Dortmund- Brackel, and the German chess federation was. Naiditsch was trained by various grandmasters and 1999 received the title of International Master. The Dortmund Chess 2001 days 15 -year-old was presented as the youngest German grandmaster.

In early 2005, he received a German passport.

Funding received Naiditsch from his adopted home city of Dortmund where you got him back in 2003 in a place of outstanding participants at the annual Dortmund Chess Days. Although he finished last, but showed that he can compete at a high level.


Naiditschs greatest success is the sensational winning the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2005 ahead of world class players like Vladimir Kramnik, Péter Lékó, Vesselin Topalov and Michael Adams. Although started with the lowest Elo rating of the field of 10 players, he won with a half point ahead of the tournament, making it both the youngest and first German winner of the strongest German Tournament. At the Chess Olympiad 2006 Naiditsch launched for the first time for Germany. He convinced on top board with 6 points from 10 rounds. At the Chess Olympiad 2008 he represented Germany also on top board, scoring 5.5 points over 10 games. Ahead of the Chess Olympiad 2010, he practiced in an open letter highly critical of officials of the German Chess Federation and canceled his participation.

In 2007 Naiditsch won in Bad Königshofen his first single German championship. He won because of better fine- rating before the same number of points Rainer Buhmann. In May of the same year Arkady Naiditsch won a heavily occupied Open, the " President's Cup " in Baku, before another ten grandmasters.

In the chess Bundesliga he played until 2007 on top board for TSV Bindlach shareholder, with whom he moved up from the second league abolished in 2006. Since its the season 2007/ 08 Naiditsch playing for the OSG Baden -Baden. In his first season he won the Badeners the German Team Cup, the German team championship, scoring with 11.5 points from 13 games and Elo performance of 2861 points, the best performance of any player in the Bundesliga.

In April 2009, passed the first and only playing for Germany chess player the limit of 2700 Elo points.

In August 2010, he won a match against in Mukachevo Sachar Jefymenko with 3,5:2,5 ( 1 = 5). In April 2011, Arkady Naiditsch won with 8.5 points from 9 games at Neckar Open before Arik Braun and David Baramidze each with 7.5 points. In this tournament, he reached an Elo performance of 2922nd In November 2011, the German team with Arkady Naiditsch was on the first board for the first time European team champion, being the reigning World Team Champion Armenia defeated among others. Because of his continued criticism of Germany coach Uwe Bönsch the Bureau of the German Chess Federation decided on 28 July 2011, to emphasize Naiditsch until further notice from the national squad. , But he was nominated in May 2012 after a debate the Chess Olympiad in 2012. 2013 he won the B group of the Grandmaster Tournament at Tata Steel Chess Tournament.


Team playing chess Naiditsch in France for Marseille Echecs, with whom he was in 2011 French Team Championship in Hungary for Aqua profit NTSK (with whom he was in seasons 2008/ 09, 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12 Hungarian team champion ) and Croatia for Liburnija Rijeka.

He belongs to the employees of since March 2011 bimonthly book series Chess evolution, are analyzed in the opening theory important games.

Arkady Naiditsch has three sisters who are also talented to play chess and already participated in the German Youth Championships, but did not play any tournaments since 2008.

As compensation Naiditsch devotes her karate. Here he has the 5th Kyu (1st blue belt ).