Arkansas Woodchopper

Arkansas " Arkie " Woodchopper ( born March 2, 1906 as Luther Ossenbrink; † 23 June 1981) was an American Old-time musicians. In addition to his numerous appearances on the radio he took on plates for Columbia Records and the Conqueror Records.


Childhood and youth

Arkansas Woodchopper grew up in the Ozark Mountains, near the town on Knobnoster, Missouri. Even as a small child, he helped his father on the farm, he worked alongside a life mediator shop. Before he earned his living as a trapper, he worked briefly at a gas station. His first fiddle in exchange for a clock. From now on he played in dance halls and other public events. According Woodchopper he earned $ 4 in his first appearance (he played a total of six hours).


Making his first appearance on the radio, he played Kansas, followed by first appearances in the WLS National Barn Dance in 1930. During these years, he traded the fiddle against the guitar. During the next few years, he has performed throughout America in many radio shows. Besides, he released records on Columbia and Conqueror, including hits such as The Dying Cowboy, Walking Up Town, Old Pal or Sweet Sunny South, which originates in the original version of Charlie Poole. In the early 1940s lost Woodchopper slowly in popularity and retired with his wife, Vera, whom he married in December 1937, on his property back.

Arkansas Woodchopper died on 23 June 1981 at the age of 75 years.