Armagnac (province)

The Armagnac ( Occitan and gascognisch Armanhac ) is an old province in the heart of Gascony. Today, it is mainly in the department of Gers and east of the Landes region. Capital of the Armagnac is also.

The landscape is known worldwide because of brandy Armagnac.


The center of the Armagnac is the middle valley of the Baise, assuming is an east-west axis in the amount of Eauze and determine too. We distinguish:

  • The skin - Armagnac Armagnac or blanc, with calcareous soils and maize crops
  • The Bas- Armagnac Armagnac or noir, consisting of the valleys of the Douze and Midou, as well as: the Eauzan ( capital Eauze ) in the north,
  • The Gabardan in the Petites - country ( capital Gabarret ) in the west,

In addition

  • The Ténarèze or Condomois ( capital Condom ) in the northwest.

The Armagnac is bounded by

  • Lomagne or more precisely the Pays de Gaure ( capital Fleurance ) in the north,
  • The Fézensaguet ( capital Mauvezin ) in the Northeast,
  • The Gimois ( capital Gimont ) in the east,
  • The Astarac ( Mirande capital ) in the south and southeast,
  • The Rivière -Basse and the Vic- Bilh in the southwest.



  • Brittany d'Armagnac
  • Campagne- d'Armagnac
  • Castex -d'Armagnac
  • Caupenne -d'Armagnac
  • Lias -d'Armagnac
  • Mauléon- d'Armagnac
  • Monlezun -d'Armagnac
  • Sainte- Christie -d'Armagnac
  • Saint -Martin- d'Armagnac
  • Salles- d'Armagnac
  • Termes -d'Armagnac


  • Arthez's -d'Armagnac
  • Betbezer -d'Armagnac
  • Creon -d'Armagnac
  • Labastide -d'Armagnac
  • Mauvezin- d'Armagnac
  • Saint- Julien- d'Armagnac


The Auscii ( Ausker ) of Elimberrum (Even ) and the Elusaten of Elusa ( Eauze ) are the people who belong to this region, which in ancient times was part of the Roman province of Aquitaine. Later it belonged to Gascony, then to the county FEZENSAC.

As the county Armagnac was spun off in the 9th century from the county FEZENSAC of Count William Garcia; Count of Armagnac was William's younger son Bernard le Louche.

In 1140 united Count Geraud III. Armagnac and FEZENSAC after his wife had died without heirs Alaline from her first marriage again. The first house of Armagnac Count IV became extinct in 1215 with his grandson Geraud. Armagnac The county went to the Lomagne family about that of a daughter Gérauds III. descended.

The house Armagnac played a significant role in the resistance against the " Black Prince " Edward of Woodstock, who wanted to reach the revocation of the Treaty of Brétigny and the reconquest of Aquitaine. Jean I. was with Arnaud d'Albret Amanieu a leader of the movement that brought the complaints of the Gascon lords against the judgments and decisions of the Black Prince in front of the Parliament.

After the Armagnac had been seized by Count Jean V. and returned his brother Karl, the county finally went to their little nephew Charles of Alençon over, the husband of Margaret of Angoulême, sister of Francis I, king later. Margaret brought the Armagnac in her (second) marriage to a Henri d'Albret, both are the grandparents of King Henry IV, with the passed the Armagnac finally in the hands of the crown.

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