Armamar Municipality

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Armamar is a small town ( Vila ) and a circle ( concelho ) in Portugal with 1080 inhabitants (as at 30 June 2011). He belongs to the Upper Douro Valley, the first since 1756 protected wine region in the world, since 2001 a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The village was founded in the wake of the settlement after the conquest of the area by King Alfonso III. ( Asturias ) in the year 877, the simple attachment then created by using an existing here Castro from pre-Roman times. During the Reconquista, the place was deserted by its inhabitants again, due to the changing conquests by Christians and Moors. Only D.Afonso Henriques, the first king of the independent Kingdom of Portugal since 1139, left the place repopulate. 1514 was the municipal charter ( Foral ) by King Manuel I.

Culture and sights

Among the monuments of Armamar include various mansions, stone fountains, historic public buildings, and religious buildings, including the three-nave Romanesque-Gothic Igreja Matriz (German: main church) Igreja de Paroquial Armamar (also Igreja de São Miguel) from the 12th century. The historical town center as a whole is a listed building.

In Goujoim the excavations of a prehistoric hill fort can be seen.

Hiking trails lead through the county, particularly along the vineyards and mansions on the Douro.


The circuit is mainly based on agriculture, especially viticulture and olive oil are the main products, also fruit growing is important. With a harvest of about 50,000 tons Armamar applicable in Portugal as the capital of the mountain apple ( Capital since Maçã de Montanha ). In April is the Festa da Macieira em Flor (German: Feast of the apple tree blossom ) is a nationally renowned gastronomy and folk festival instead. The tourism industry, in particular the individual tourism has grown in importance, especially by means of rural tourism and related to the wine region of the Douro.



Armamar is the seat of the homonymous district. The neighboring districts are ( clockwise beginning in the north): Peso da Régua, Sabrosa, Tabuaço, Moimenta da Beira, Tarouca and Lamego.

The following parishes ( freguesias ) lying in circle Armamar:

  • Aldeias
  • Aricera
  • Armamar
  • Cimbres
  • Coura
  • Folgosa
  • Fontelo
  • Goujoim
  • Queimada
  • Queimadela
  • Santa Cruz (formerly Santa Cruz de Lumiares )
  • Santiago
  • Santo Adrião
  • São Cosmado
  • São Martinho das Chãs
  • São Romão
  • Toes
  • Vacalar
  • Vila Seca


Local holiday

  • June 24


  • Portugal Portugal Loures (since 1994)

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