An armband is a part of certain uniforms that will be worn on the left sleeve over clothing and wearing a badge and / or a logo. It consists of textile or plastic, and shows a position or a job function.

Armbands are used primarily in the public sector and are now often tubular; they are attached to the button of the epaulette or have a Velcro closure.

Furthermore, armbands worn for certain disabilities. Blind and visually impaired carry a dummy binding. In the German road traffic, there is also an armband for the physically challenged pedestrians ( § 2 para 2 FeV ).

Examples of use

  • Armed Forces: Military Police, Chief during exercises (L ), Head of HR at exercise ( white armband ), corporal on duty (Legislative Decree ), sergeant on duty ( the duty NCO ), safety officer and staff (red armband ), enemy representation ( red armband )
  • German Police: Volunteer Police ( partial), police lettering, white on light green or red ground for civil forces
  • Party symbol: like the swastika armband before and during the period of National Socialism
  • Football: football is the team captain - the official name is according to the German rules " Captain " - can be seen on the upper arm binder.