Armin Gessert

Armin Gessert ( born June 13, 1963; † November 8, 2009 ) was a German developer of computer games. He became famous mainly through the game The Great Giana Sisters.


Armin Gessert worked since 1984 as a developer of computer games. Together with Manfred Trenz and Chris Hülsbeck he programmed the 1987 game The Great Giana Sisters for the Commodore 64

After he worked for the company Rainbow Arts and Blue Byte, he founded the company in 1994 Spellbound Entertainment, for which he served as CEO until his death. 8 November 2009 Gessert died at 0:30 clock of a heart attack. , He was 46 years old.

At the German Developer Award 2009, he posthumously received a place in the Hall of Fame as the first German game developers an award for his life's work.