Army Office

The Army Office (HA ) in Cologne was a department of the German Army, the remaining tasks are largely passed on in June 2013 newly established Office of the Army Development and the Training Command Army. The resolution call for the Army Office took place on June 27, 2013.

Under the leadership of department heads around 917 soldiers (including 503 officers, 249 NCOs and 165 men ) and 124 civilian employees for the conceptual development of the army as well as the training and equipment were responsible. In addition, the Army Office was responsible for organizing bases in the army, for concerns of the present in -use systems and for the logistics of the army. The Army Office were under the schools and centers of the army. The Army Office has recently been placed under the command of the army. According to the reorientation of the Bundeswehr and the stationing concept of 2011, the Army Office was dissolved and reclassified in the Office of the Army development. The leadership of the training areas of the army took over the newly established Army Training Command.

Tasks of the Army Office

The overall goal was to further improve usability, training, armament and organization of the army. This has the following core tasks of the Army Office were:

  • Development of the functional areas of responsibility of the army according to the conceptual specifications of the Joint Staff of the Army
  • Steering and monitoring the Information Technology System for the Army
  • Further development of the branches of the Army
  • Drafting and editing rules
  • Drafting and editing fundamentals in the areas of personnel and training
  • Management of subordinate departments

In addition, the Army Office kept my contacts with foreign armed forces stationed in Cologne by both foreign liaison officers, as well as a liaison organization in several states.



At the head of the Army Office of the trunk boss, at the rank of major general. This report directly were his deputy, the Chief of Staff, the Chief Legal Adviser ( LRB ), the Chief Medical Officer (LSO ), controlling and stage manager for officer training, NCO training, training troops and reservists training in the army. In addition, the liaison officers of foreign forces were in direct contact with the head of department.

Deputy head of department

The Deputy head of department at the rank of brigadier general, was also the commander of Army schools. He oversaw all training establishments of the army. In addition, the general of the Signal Corps and the Surgeon General of the army were under him. Since March 27, 2008 Brigadier General Heinrich Fischer has held that post.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff, at the rank also Brigadier General, was disciplinary authority for the departments I to V, the staff departments (G1, G3, S4, S6), the support zone and the Dezernates coordination and use of evaluation. In addition, it still was under the department management. The post was not occupied lately.


The departments I to V were each led by a brigadier general. The departments were doing following responsibilities:

  • Division I (Army Development): conceptual foundations of development and planning conditions for the development of defense materiel of the army
  • Division II (Training ): all fundamental and cross-cutting training matters in the army
  • Division III (Army Armor ): Armor projects of the Army
  • Division IV (organization): Conception of the organizational structure of the army, monitoring the implementation of organizational and structural measures, development of strength and equipment certificates ( STAN ) and development of the organization bases for tasks, structure, posts, equipment and material.
  • Division V ( use / Logistics ): central management and control tasks of the Army Logistics ( to April 2008: the logistics center of the army )

Imputed areas

The Army Office under stood by mid-2013 all central educational institutions of the Army:

  • Centers of the Army
  • Schools of the Army

For downstream command area therefore included more than 12,000 soldiers and 3,000 civilian employees at the schools and centers of the army.


The headquarters of the Army Office was in the Konrad-Adenauer -Kaserne in Cologne. The Division IV and parts of Division II were in the Major General Baron von Gersdorff Kaserne in Euskirchen, in the Rhine barracks in Koblenz Parts of Department III were stationed and the Dept. V was in the Ahr Valley Barracks in Bad Neuenahr -Ahrweiler housed.


The Army Office is set up as Division V / troops presentations as a branch of the Ministry of Defense in Cologne on 16 February 1956. Thereof takes place on 10 June 1956, the preparation of the troops Office, renamed the Army Office took place on 1 October 1970. In 1986, a memorial to commemorate the resistance fighters General Friedrich Olbricht was set up on the building of the Army Office. As part of the dissolution of the GDR it was in August 1990 to close contacts with the NVA, to ensure the formation of an all-German army. In 1995, the Office has been extensively restructured and is now on even more responsible for the conceptual development of the Army. In the course of reclassification tenth the logistics center of the army was incorporated as Division V on 1 April 2008. In the course of taking the structure HEER2011 the Army Office was disbanded on 27 June 2013. The tasks of the Army Office were largely transferred to the successor organizations Office of Army development in Cologne and Training Command in Leipzig. Other tasks are also transferred to the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr to Koblenz.

Department heads