Army recruit

Recruit referred to military service position and possibly also the rank of newly recruited soldiers - usually for the duration of his basic training. The word is a borrowing from the French recrue ( " young " ), itself derived from the Latin recrescere ( " grow " ) and in Germany since the 17th century commonly used.


In the army recruit is not a rank, but a post - designation for a soldier in basic training.

The service level at this time corresponds to the lowest - grade teams, depending on the strike force, branch of service, special force or use. As a collective term, the grade designation Soldier (S ) is fixed. According Central regulation ( ZDv ) 64/10 " Abbreviations for use in the armed forces " are beyond the following grade names and abbreviations:

  • Grenadier ( Gren )
  • Hunter ( Jg ),
  • Panzerschütze ( PzSchtz )
  • Panzer Grenadier ( PzGren )
  • Tank Destroyer ( PzJg )
  • Gunner (Kan )
  • Panzer Gunner ( PzK )
  • Pioneer (Pi),
  • Armoured Engineer ( PzPi )
  • Funker (Fu),
  • Tank radio operator ( PzFu )
  • Sagittarius ( Schtz )
  • Flyer ( Flg )
  • Medical orderly ( SanSdt )
  • Flyer ( Flg )
  • Gunner (Kan )
  • Sailor ( Matr )

Austria and Switzerland

In the army and in the Swiss Army Recruit other hand is also the lowest enlisted rank.


In most armies of the world recruits do not wear or empty badges of rank (possibly only with general usage, the armed force or weapons genus identification, such as an anchor for Navy) and obtain the first rank insignia by the first promotion after basic training.

  • Examples of rank insignia of recruits

Seaman of the German Navy ( sleeve insignia of the service jacket)

Pilots of the German Air Force (shoulder flap with Aufziehschlaufe on battle dress )

Recruit in the Austrian Armed Forces ( coat collar; Jägertruppe )

Seaman Recruit the United States Coast Guard