Arrow Dynamics

Arrow Dynamics (short: Arrow ) was an American manufacturer of roller coasters and other rides from Clearfield (Utah ), which was founded in 1946 by Ed Morgan and Karl Bacon.

After the company went bankrupt in 2002, it was purchased by the manufacturer S & S Power. Arrow set new standards in the roller coaster industry. Thus was laid with the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland California in 1959 laid the foundation for modern steel roller coasters. The tubular rails enabled a smooth ride and tight radii. Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas was the first mine and Corkscrew roller coaster at Cedar Point was the first modern roller coaster with inversions. With Magnum XL -200 at Cedar Point 's first mega coaster was opened, which broke through the height of 200 feet. The last milestone was laid in 2002 with X2 ( at the time of opening X) at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the first 4th dimension coaster in the world.


Pictures of Arrow Dynamics