Arruda dos Vinhos

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Arruda dos Vinhos is a small town ( Vila ) in Portugal.


Antas and other finds indicate a prehistoric settlement. From Roman times comes, inter alia, the oven Forno da Pipa and a Wegstein a Roman road. The place name Arruda is connected to the spot where many occurring argyle (Latin Ruta ) of the rue and evolved from the Latin and Arabic al - Ruta Ruta on Ar - Ruta its present form.

The present town was probably made in the course of re-colonization policy during the Reconquista. Arruda was first officially mentioned in its city charter, the first king of Portugal, D.Afonso Henriques exhibited in 1160. In 1172 he handed over the territory of the Order of Santiago, which promoted the local agriculture and, in particular viticulture. The place name Arruda therefore was given the dos Vinhos (Portuguese for: the wines) over time.

King D.Manuel I. renewed the city rights in 1517 as part of its administrative reforms. He held himself also a time in Arruda on, as in Lisbon rampant plague. In gratitude he left here the church Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Salvação build (English: Church of Our Lady of Salvation ).

In and around Arruda fortifications were the lines of Torres Vedras, a 1810 built by General Wellington line of defense against the Napoleonic invasions.


The circle

Arruda dos Vinhos is the seat of an eponymous district ( concelho ) in the District of Lisbon. June 30, 2011 had the circle 13,408 inhabitants in an area of 77.9 km ².

The neighboring districts are ( clockwise beginning in the north): Alenquer, Vila Franca de Xira, Loures, Mafra, and Sobral de Monte Agraço.

The following municipalities ( Freguesias ) lying in circle Arruda dos Vinhos:

  • Arruda dos Vinhos
  • Arranhó
  • Cardosas
  • Santiago dos Velhos


Local holiday

  • Ascension of Christ


  • Spain: Moixent, Valencia Province (since 1999)

Sons and daughters of the town

  • João Lobo de Almeida Brandão (* 1759), Officer of the Portuguese- British defense forces against the Napoleonic invasion in the early 19th century
  • Irene Lisboa (1892-1958), writer and teacher

Pictures of Arruda dos Vinhos