Arsenie TodiraÈ™

Arsenium ( born July 22, 1983 in Chişinău, Moldavian SSR; actually Arsenie Todiraş; Russian Арсение Тодираш ) is a Moldovan pop singer.


Todiraş had first appeared as a double bass player with the group Stejari ( "Oak " ), age 17 he took singing lessons. About his singing teacher, he learned finally Dan Bălan know and later formed with this and Radu Sîrbu the boy band O-Zone, which celebrated first in their home and in neighboring Romania successes. Dragostea din Tei With the single the band succeeded in the summer of 2004, an international number one hit; it was followed by the Top Ten hit Despre tine.

After O-Zone had given in early 2005 announced their separation, launched Todiraş under the stage name Arsenium his solo career. Dan Bălan makes since October 2007, under the stage name Crazy Loop on.

With his first single Love Me ..., Love Me ..., the bonds of the Russian folk song Kalinka takes Arsenium reached in June the German charts. Todiraş finished the Euro Vision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, together with Natalia Gordienco and the song Loca 20th place in Romania, the title reached number 4 on the charts. Since August 2008, the singer has a recording contract with Sony BMG.


  • 2005: Love Me ..., Love Me ... ( Single)
  • 2006: Loca
  • 2007: professinonal Heartbreakers
  • 2008: Wake Up
  • 2008: Rumadai ( Single)
  • 2009: Minimum ( Single) ( until further notice only in Moldova published)
  • 2010: Remember Me
  • 2010: Erase It
  • 2010: Буду рядом
  • 2011: My Heart
  • 2012: I'm Giving Up