Art Gallery of Western Australia

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is a public art gallery, founded in 1895 in Perth, Western Australia, with the Funkton a National Gallery ( State Art Collection), spread across three sites.

A new building of the main exhibition building was opened in 1979 and is part of the Perth Cultural Centre. In the vicinity are the Western Australian Museum and the State Library of Western Australia.

The State 's art collection includes about 17,000 works of art that have been 2011/12 visited by construction measures related restrictions only about 319,000 visitors, or an annual average of between 345000-400000 visitors.


The art gallery was originally located in the Jubilee Building, together with the State Museum and the State Library.

The Jubilee Bulding, which was originally planned as a public library should be opened in 1887 in honor of the Golden Jubilee service of Queen Victoria, but only the foundation was created. 1901 eventually laid the foundation stone for the art gallery of George V. was made shortly after the founding of the Australian state.

Several influential people were involved in the founding of the Jubilee Building, and the Art Gallery, including John Winthrop Hackett, James Battye, Ludwig Glauert, George Pitt Morison and George Temple - Poole.

The administrative building of the Art Gallery were former police quarters, which was designed by the architect Hillson Beasley, as well as the government buildings of Perth. It was built during the economic boom in the time of the Australian gold rush. The administration involved the police quarters in the 1970s during the great nickel boom.

The main exhibition building in 1977 also built with public money in the wake of the nationwide boom in the mining industry.

The construction of the Alexander Library Building was begun in the same phase.


The first exhibition of the art gallery was compiled eclectic. The first issued collection consisted mostly of Indian and Asian handicrafts in addition to a number of art works by European Australians and English copies of works of art. Subsequent exhibitions show indigenous, traditional and contemporary art from the Northern and Western Australia. Likewise, other art works Western Australia from the 1820s to the 1960s. An annual exhibition called Year 12 Perspectives illuminated predominantly Western Australian works of art and works of art and design students. Exhibits include paintings, art prints, digital art, fashion and sculpture.

List of past exhibitions

  • Auguste Rodin ( 2001)
  • Max Ernst: Surreal, Books and Graphics ( 2002)
  • Islamic Art and Patronage (2002) - Islamic Art from Kuwait
  • The Pre -Raphaelite Dream ( 2003) - Pre-Raphaelite paintings and drawings from the Tate Gallery
  • Called from the Italian Renaissance, 17th-century Dutch and 18th and 19th century French drawings Amsterdam Historical Museum, Amsterdam Museum since 2011: Renaissance painting - Traces of Genius ( 2003)
  • Edge of Desire: Recent Art in India (2004-2005) - Indian Contemporary Art
  • St Petersburg 1900 (2005) - Russian art of the early 20th century
  • Norman Lindsay: Drawn to women. The complete published etchings (2006-2007) - Etchings
  • Egyptian art on loan from the Louvre (2007)