The ArtEZ is an art school in the Netherlands. It was created on 1 January 2002 from the merger of various academies and art schools in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle, located in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel of the eastern Netherlands. In 2006 the until then independent Conservatorium Enschede became part of ArtEZ. The proper name ArtEZ is a portmanteau of the initials of the three campuses and "art", that is " art ", which is intended to indicate the main direction of the Institute.

At the various locations of the ArtEZ about 3,000 students are served by more than 850 employees, making it the largest Dutch art school, albeit in relation to general universities relatively small. Offers both bachelor 's and master 's degree programs.


  • ArtEZ Arnhem Academy of Fine Arts, founded in 1929
  • ArtEZ Academie voor Art & Design Enschede (formerly AKI ( Academy of Art and Industry ) ) founded in 1949
  • ArtEZ Christian Academy of Fine Arts in Zwolle ( CABK ), originally founded in 1978 in Kampen
  • ArtEZ School of Dance, Danceacademie Arnhem, founded in the 1930s
  • ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle
  • ArtEZ theater school in Arnhem (1956) and Zwolle
  • ArtEZ Fashion, Design & Strategy in Arnhem
  • ArtEZ Academy of Architecture in Arnhem, founded in 1949
  • ArtEZ Academy of Art Education, Zwolle

Fields of study

Fine Arts

  • Art Education for Fine Art and Design

Autonomous art

  • Free Art


  • Painting
  • Draw


  • Form sculptures
  • Installation
  • Product Design


  • Video & Film
  • Photography
  • New Media Art
  • Mixed Media

Customized art ( Art and Communication Design)

  • Graphic Design / Illustration
  • Photography Design
  • Interactive Design and Video Design / Animation
  • Design of public space


  • Dance instructor
  • Dancer / ChoreographerIN


  • Music lecturer
  • Jazz & Pop
  • Classical music
  • Media Music / Music Production
  • Music Theatre
  • Music Therapy
  • Pop music


  • Spectacle
  • Lecturer in Dramaturgy


  • Fashion, Design and Strategy
  • Fashion design


  • Architecture