Arthur Adams (comics)

Arthur "Art " Adams ( born 1963 in Holyoke, Massachusetts) is an American comic book artist.

Life and work

Adams, drawing mainly taught himself to autodidactic way, began working in the 1980s as a professional cartoonist. Due to its slow pace of work, it is clear from his detail -obsessed way of working, it is rarely served as a draftsman ongoing series, but cared mostly special projects such as One Shots, Annuals or miniseries, which are produced under less time pressure.

Together with Ann Nocenti Adams worked on the miniseries Longshot in 1985 appeared in Marvel Comics. This was followed by shorter runs on X-Factor (1989) and Fantastic Four for Marvel, at Gen13 and The Authority for Wildstorm publishing and Tom Strong's Terrific Tales ( 2002-2004).

Two works in Adams privately owned by Dark Horse Comics published at irregular intervals Series Type Adam's Creature Features and Monkeyman and O'Brien. The launched by him and several other artists Dark Horse imprint " Legend", which was intended for publication of more own work, however, was granted only a short life.

As Cover Artist Adams, among others, illustrated covers for the series Superman, Batman, Incredible Hercules, Justice League of America '' and Vampirella.

Away from his comic work Adams has also developed graphic designs for various magazines, movies, games, toy products and commercial goods as a " X-Men Edition" of the famous Campbell's tomato soup cans.

  • Cartoonist
  • American artist
  • Born in 1963
  • Man