Arthur Ayrault

Arthur Ayrault (actually Arthur Ayrault DeLancey junior, called " Dan Ayrault ," born January 21, 1935 in Long Beach, California, † 24 February 1990 in Seattle, Washington ) was an American rower and two-time Olympic champion.

He received his university degree in 1956 from Stanford University, where he also began with the Rowing. Together with Conn Findlay of the University of California, Berkeley, and with coxswain Kurt Seiffert, he participated in the Summer Olympics in 1956 in part in Melbourne and won the gold medal. Two years later he won as a member of the Washington AC, the national championship in two.

At the Summer Olympics in Rome he won as a member of the Lake Washington RC in the coxless four his second gold medal.

Ayrault was later given at Harvard University, a master's degree in education and began to teach at the Lakeside School in Seattle. In 1969 he was rector there, a body which he held until his death in 1990.

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