Arthur Duray

Arthur Duray (* 1881 in New York City, † 1954) was a French-American race car driver.

Duray was born in 1881 in New York, the son of Belgian parents, he spent most of his life in France and later took French citizenship. His racing career spanned nearly three decades and included both Grands Prix and touring car and sports car races.

First appeared in 1902 at the wheel of a race car Duray, 1903, he improved the world speed record for automobiles 136.4 km / h In 1904 he drove for Darracq and 1905-1908 for Lorraine -Dietrich. He won with his vehicle the Ardennes race in 1906 and only a defect prevented his victory in the GP of France in 1907. The following years he tried various brands, including Delage, where he placed 5th at the GP of France in 1913 and 8th place GP of France in 1914 reached. Duray also joined the 500-mile race at Indianapolis, where he was second in a Peugeot 1914.

After the First World War he started primarily in touring car racing, race Voiturette class and sports car races, including several times ( 1926-1928 ) in the 24- hour race at Le Mans. Great successes were no longer granted to him in his broken -prone Ariès sports car.

Duray 1928 announced his retirement from motor sport, and died 1954.

Le Mans results

  • Frenchman
  • Born in 1881
  • Died in 1954
  • Man
  • Racers (France)
  • GP rider before 1950
  • Champ Car racer
  • Driver of a land speed cup record
  • Drivers in the 24 Hours of Le Mans